Furnace repair is something that must be done by a professional. A qualified technician will have the tools, knowledge,

and skills needed to complete furnace repair and get your home heating system back up and running in no time. If you’re ready to begin furnace replacement or installation, follow these simple steps:

1) Find out what kind of furnace is installed in your home. Is it an electric, oil or gas furnace?

2) Determine how old your system is and start thinking about whether you are ready to replace it with a new, more

up-to-date unit. If you need assistance, ask one of our technicians for guidance on replacement options for your current system. They are more than happy to help you find the best heating solution based on your home’s unique needs.

3) When it comes time to schedule furnace installation, call in a professional service technician with experience in

replacing furnaces in homes just like yours. We can come out and assess whether or not your heating system requires replacement. You can also call our office, and we’ll send a highly-trained technician out to your home to perform a furnace inspection and determine what needs to be done.

4) If your current heating system is 15 years old or more, now may be the right time to install a new high-efficiency furnace in its place. Ask one of our technicians for more information on how you can improve your home’s energy efficiency with a new furnace.

5) Do I need to replace my furnace filter? Yes, you must maintain system filters. If they are clogged or dirty,

you could be putting excess stress on your heating system, which means it will have to work harder to keep you warm.

6) Furnace maintenance is another important part of properly caring for your home heating system. If it’s time, ask one of our technicians

to come out and inspect your furnace so we can help prevent potential issues before they require emergency repairs. We recommend scheduling a furnace tune-up every year to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible.



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